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Writing Prompt: Snowfall

“I’ll meet you in the first snowfall.” 

His words, ancient and heavy, repeated in her heart as she stared up at the un-moving clouds. A gust of wind, trapped in a continuous, gentle breeze, played with her hair. Was this the first sign of what was to come?

She could not say how long she waited, watched, hoped. The world itself was locked in the single frame of that fateful day. Or rather, out of it. The Fickle Fae Queen cast a baneful curse that kept her trapped in time as she was their world; one foot in, one foot out.

And yet?

“You cannot keep us apart forever.” Her voice, quiet, angry, finally broke free. She stared at the coming wave of seconds as they rushed to meet her head-on. There, the first snowflake dwindled, and she breathed once more. She would find her heart, stolen by the Winter’s Prince.


This was another piece of short fiction written for the Lost Boys Press and their December writing prompt of snowfall.

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