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The Yawning Portal: Daily Image Prompt 8/6

“Wait, did you finally get it to work?” The initial crackle of energy had drawn Sheila’s attention away from the readout on the screen, and she could hardly believe what she was seeing even if it was right in front of her eyes. The sound of energy pattering across the now-yawning portal started to drown out the incessant trickle of water. Everything had been damp enough Michael had doubted they would be able to revive any of the machinery, but the evidence in front of her eyes spoke otherwise.

“I’d like to say it was simple enough, but I know you know better,” Michael’s voice was quiet from where he stood off to the side, just in front of the twinned control panel to her own. She saw the eerie green light that crept up from the water echoed from the mounted tablet, and it cast his face in contorted shadows. A scream rent the air and she thought it was his, for the way the light played with the angles of his visage, but no.

“Did you hear that?” The cry of pain drew her attention away from Michael and back to the portal that now vibrated with a red light that pulsed, seemingly in pace with her thrumming heartbeat.

“It came from in there.”

“Turn it off, Michael,” Sheila said as she tried to find something on her own station that made some sort of sense as a way to stop whatever was happening. “What did you do?”

“Do you hear that, Sheila?” His question made her look sidelong at him, and she realized she did. The scream was coming closer, and she heard her name within it. And his.

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