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The Books

  • Arkadia: Self-published by Laura Siadak and me, this is a collection of some short stories (by me) accompanied with art (by her). Some were previously published in independent anthologies, but we collected them here in our own book.
  • The Backwards Knight: In a land once bereft of magic, its return means that three paths are on a collision course that may change the world. Gaulf, a young farmhand, will need to find a way to control his inner fire or risk hurting those that he loves. Orn, a man on the hunt for answers, crosses paths with Laela, with both of them hunting mages for their own reasons. They must put aside their differences, trust one another, and learn how to fight together on the trail of a rogue mage. They will have to, to stop this errant mage before he wakes darker forces and casts a shadow over the land. Current WIP.
  • The Forgotten Princess: Need to write a one-sentence outline for this one yet. Oops