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The Books and More – Where to find me

Welcome. My name is Matthew, and you can learn more about me here.

Here’s a quick list of some of the places you can find my words and where they have been published. Or places you might see my face.

The Backwards Knight, by, well, me. This is the novel I am currently working on. Currently in developmental edits on this, and digging in deep to make it as best I can!

(Not the actual book cover! We’ll get there one day.)

I have a series planned, starting with The Backwards Knight, The Forgotten Princess, and The Broken Sword.

Heroes from Lost Boys Press: A collection of fourteen stories of heroes out of legend and lore like you’ve never read before.

With my story “In Pyxis” and thirteen others, you’ll be taken through a journey of finding hope.
Tales from Brackish Harbor from Quill & Crow Publishing: A collection of twelve stories that tell the history of Brackish Harbor, from its inception to more modern times.

Each dips into the cosmic and eldritch horrors of the unknowable, and here you an find my story “The Silent Sonata.” Coming August 13!
Straight on Till Morning: Ignite, also from Lost Boys Press: A collection of short stories and poems, all based around a central theme.

The theme for Ignite was romantic-leaning pieces, with various levels of spiciness.

I have a short in here co-authored with my wife, Laura Siadak, borrowing some characters from an urban fantasy series we want to tackle one day.
Arkadia: Self-published with Laura Siadak, this is a collection of some short stories (by me) accompanied with art (by her). Some were previously published in independent anthologies, but we collected them here in our own book.
DON’T MAKE IT WEIRD: A comedy podcast focusing on writing, storytelling, and real-life adventures.

This is a great podcast with some great insight around the writing process. Weekly episodes and live events. I might’ve even made some guest appearances.

MonThology: The MonThology is a massive, 50-writer shared-world anthology featuring an alternative world where monsters rule. Some monsters are familiar, some might be a new spin on what you think you know, and some might be an entirely new creation. TBD.