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Sunday Writing Session: 7/4/2021

“I am not sure I am going to write anything today.”

I say it every week, and I surprise myself every week. Another week where we went above and beyond our goal of 4K words by over 25%. I am not going to argue with it, I will take this and run with it. I’m nearing more and more to completing the story/plot I am adding to “The Backwards Knight.”

Once upon a time this book was “done” with ~49K words. And, in my opinion, the story was there from Start to “The End” but it was missing a lot. Namely, a world around the story, and some meat on its bones.

So I am revamping it by adding in another story that is in line with what is already there. We’re up to almost 89K words now and we’re getting close to the point where this new story is wrapped up.

Once that’s done, I hit edit mode and I weave the two halves together and I fix some of the plot points or parts of the original story that need life breathed into them.
Soon. Soon enough I can taste it, I think. Once this is done, and book 2 is edited, then I start whatever comes next.

That scares me and exhilarates me all at the same time.

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