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Sunday Writing Session: 08/01/2021

So, here we are: As of yesterday’s writing session we’ve crested over 100K words. That’s still astounding to me that I’ve managed to make such progress over the last few months/year/etc. This novel has been in progress in one fashion or another for almost six years at this point. From plotting with my wife to planning out what was going to happen to sitting down and taking those notes to shove them into a novel.

Two novels, really, because “The Backwards Knight” and “The Forgotten Princess” are mostly done at this point, barring some heavy duty editing that’s most likely needed.

TBK: This is the novel that I am actively working on. I’d put it at roughly 90% done in adding necessary details here and there to the story to bring it to life. The first draft was 49K words, and now it’s over 100K. I took an idea that was going to be a prologue and it ended up being another story in and of itself that builds the world out organically, which is how I tend to work best. (I hope the above makes sense, it does to me, but that’s a low bar to set.) So once I have the story told, it’s a matter of giving it to my alpha-reader to tear apart.

TFP: This book is “done” to the point I’ve given it to my alpha-reader and she’s going through it and marking out notes and making grammar / editing suggestions. I have a laundry list of what needs to be fixed so it probably needs a second revision but then, well, it’s done.

So between the two novels, I’m really close to being “done.” Done for real, and it’s going to happen probably sooner than I realize. Which means I have a lot of learning to do for the scariest part: what comes next?

Stay tuned…

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