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SS2Write 4/2: Gather

#Gather up a crew, Willaime. You and the elf have an assignment.”

“Ser? We just got back–” Willaime started to say, before the helmeted head turned his direction in a way that brooked no further discussion.

“There is trouble brewing further in the North. I have received reports of another one.” The Paladin’s voice grated, his ire showing through.

“Ser, I will see to it right away. Mind you, the supply of men is growing thin.” Willaime flinched as he spoke, expecting the worst.

“Then we will have to simply dig a little deeper, no?” The Paladin’s voice was curt, and Willaime knew when he had been dismissed. He turned and left the room, and knew she would not be happy to have to leave so quickly.

There was another mage to hunt.


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