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Let’s Go! 2023 is here with HUGE news!

Welcome to 2023! We’re kicking off a new year, it looks like, and I can only hope that it turns out to be a good one, and not 2020-3. That’s the real fear, and existential dread aside I can say that the year has a good start for me so far.

First off, let’s start with some great news!

I have a poem featured in the Jan 2023 issue of Crow’s Quill from Quill & Crow. The theme of this issue is “Snowed In” and you really should check it out! Take a mug of hot cocoa with you, to brave these chilly stories, though. Maybe bring a blanket to curl up under, too. I am honored to be part of this issue, and having read it, you really are in for a treat. Do not miss out on this!

Second, I have a short story in Through the Veil, an anthology of authors who have contributed stories for the benefit of one of our own. Each story showcases that the world is not always quite what it seems.

Last year Ashley Hutchison was diagnosed with a disease that makes day to day life very difficult, and comes with it some medical bills. We all threw in to make this anthology, where all proceeds go to help her with these costs, and more. It also features some art from Laura, paired with my story “Love Bites.”

Seriously, do NOT pass go on this anthology. I’ve almost finished reading through it and the stories are so good.

Check out Quill & Crow!
You do not want to miss Through the Veil! SO MANY GOOD STORIES!
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