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Finished WIP2: The Forgotten Princess

Back on 4/25/2021, I sat down to so my usual Sunday Writing Session. Little did I know I would stretch the usual 3-4 hours of writing to 5.5 hours, and plop down 9600+ words on “The Forgotten Princess.” I knew I was near the end, but was not aware I was that close, close enough that I was able to push and push and push and wrap the story at 116,311+ words.

I kind of surprised myself with that, I will not lie. I started this novel back over the summer of 2020 and was writing on average 2-3K words a week. Every Sunday my wife would throw me into my office and force me to sit down and write. It was hard, at first, but as the weeks turned into months, I was getting closer to 3-4K thousand words a week. I’d sneak in a couple extra days of writing here and there.

That’s when things changed.

I was talking with a good friend, and started waffling over whether or not I wanted start diving a little more heavy into Twitch streaming. I had no idea what that really entailed and if people would even want to watch me write a novel or flail about in trying to do so. As it turns out, they did, and once I started I was able to almost hyper focus on my writing and start pushing my average to 5K a week, and the progress bar just started flying. I loved being able to talk to people while I wrote, answer questions, discuss various writing topics, etc.

So that’s where we are, as of almost two weeks ago; The Forgotten Princess is done. So now what? What do I do next?

I am diving back into WIP1, The Backwards Knight. This is the first book in what I hope becomes a series, and it needs some serious love. It sits, now, at about 55K words, and it’s the bare-bones spine of a story. I used novel 2 to set into place a lot of the world that I need to build, and now I can use that as filler and beef to add to book 1.

TFP is in the hands of my alpha reader. THGINK will be too, once I refinish it. And then, and then, and then what?

Editing, revising, and then figure out this whole publishing thing. I can do this.

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