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About Me

Matthew spends most of his free time creating in one fashion or another, and is currently working on his dark, eldritch fantasy novel The Backwards Knight. He was born with a spatula in one hand and a quill in the other, torn between a world of logic and creativity. Matthew stitches the two worlds together with his love of writing and his day job working with code. Legend has it he once simultaneously baked a loaf of bread, cracked an encrypted password on a sacred document, and rescued a princess from an evil dragon while regaling his daughter with a story about Sir Solomon, the red panda paladin. His short stories have been featured in a handful of independent anthologies, and he has self-published a collection of short stories accompanied by his wife’s art in Arkadia. He loves to lose himself in reading books and is obsessed with all things fantasy.

Matthew says: “I am me, and you are not, and that is okay. I do not think the world could handle two of us that is okay too.”